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What is the use of sodium silicate liquid

Date:2020-04-12 20:23:09Hits:725

Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3), also known as sodium silicate, water glass (xNa2O.ySiO2),it is a colorless, cyan or brown solid or viscous liquid. Sodium silicate is made by eutectic melting of silica (quartz sand), soda ash (or earth alkali) in a melting kiln, cooling and crushing, and its fuel is medium, natural gas, and coal gas. The production process of sodium silicate liquid can be divided into two types: dry method and wet method. The dry method is usually used to produce solid sodium silicate liquid, which is then dissolved into sodium silicate liquid with the required specifications. The conversion ratio is 1:2. 5. The raw materials for the production of soda ash are quartz sand and soda ash. The two are mixed in a certain proportion and sent to a special reflex kiln. After being quenched by high-temperature calcination and melting furnace, the package is solid soda ash. The solid foam alkali is conducive to transportation and storage. The solid sodium silicate is melted into a liquid under a certain temperature and pressure, which is the liquid socaritine.