Special (customized) sodium silicate Liquid

1.Introduction for sodium silicate

Sodium silicate is widely used almost in every sector in domestic economy. In chemical industry, it is used for manufacturing silica gel, carbon white, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate, silicasol, instant sodium silicate powder, sodium potassium silicate belonging to metasilicate which is the primary material for silicone compound. In light industry, the indispensable material for many detergents such as washing powder, soap and also is water softener, settling aid. In textile industry, it is used for dyeing, bleaching, and sizing. In machinery industry, it is used for casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and corrosion-prevention agent for metal. In building industry, it is used for manufacturing quick hardening cement, water-proof oil of acid resisting cement, soil curing agent, and refractory material. In agriculture industry, it is used for manufacturing silicon fertilizer, and also widely used as adhesive agent for paper carton and paper board (corrugated board).


Sodium silicate(Na2SiO3), also known as liquid glass or water glass(xNa2O。ySiO2). Colorless, light yellow or blue gray transparent thick fluid, , producing an alkaline solution. Physical property varies because of different modulus. Sodium silicate is stable in neutral and alkaline solutions. In acidic solutions, the silicate ion reacts with hydrogen ions to form silicic acid, which when heated and roasted forms silica gel, a hard, glassy substance.

Implementation standard: GB/T 4209―1996

Sodium silicate Liquid index M3.3Be41

The standard of Sodium silicate

The standard of sodium silicate 41℃

Testing result

Relative density (20℃),°Be′



Content of (Na2O),%



Content of (SiO2),%



Modulus (M)




Tank truck (30 tons)/metal drum/IBC ton drum and other packaging